Hi, I'm Astrid. I'm an Illustrator & Artist working from my seaside studio in Cape Town, South Africa.

My work is often inspired by time spent in nature. Intricate detailing, asymmetrical shapes, vivid shades of green & a touch of whimsy, all form part of my work in some way or other. Over the years I have worked on a variety of projects, from bespoke stationery and packaging to children's books, homeware, textile design and branding.


Clients include: Mr.PriceAegir Project, Eight Degrees South, Good Riddance, Red Cross Children's Hospital, Mikhulu Trust, Studio Docabo, NB Tafelberg Publishers, Duzi Publishers, Qualibooks, Happy Artworks Studio.

Select Features: Cut+Paste, House & Leisure, Outside In, Living Space, The Beach Co Op, The Sunday Times.

Enquiries: akr.blumer@gmail.com